How does it work?

Show Off Your Underwear blends shopping with eye candy.  Discover new brands and styles you’d never discover before while seeing them worn on real people.

The front page shows a grid of pictures.  Click on any of the pictures to get more details about the underwear shown.  Details included are: the brand, the specific line/name of the underwear, and a link where you can buy it.

How do I submit a picture?

Please use the submission form.  Fill out as much information as you can.  The email you provide will only be used if there are questions regarding your submission.  You will NOT be signed up for anything and your email will NOT be kept.  More information and requirements can be read on the submission page.

Why hasn’t my submission shown up?

There are three possible reasons your submission hasn’t shown up.

  1. There are other pictures queued before yours.  Please be patient.  If after 2 weeks your picture has not shown up, fill out the contact form.
  2. The submission broke one or more rules.
  3. If purchasing information cannot be found for the pair you’re wearing, check out SOYU’s sister submission site to see if it was published there.

I own an underwear website/store/blog.  How do I get involved?

Fill out the contact form.  Show Off Your Underwear is always looking for new underwear to review, showcase, or have promotional giveaways.