Review: Hugo Boss – Check Print Speed Trunks

Hugo Boss: Check Print Speed Trunks

The Good

The checked pattern was my favorite thing about this pair of underwear.  The colors are subtle enough that it wasn’t a huge distraction.

The rise felt perfect.  It wasn’t super low to the point of spilling out and it wasn’t high enough to reach my bellybutton.

The waistband and leg-hole piping was very minimal.  Neither was bulky enough to be seen through tight pants.  The leg-hole style was similar to a hem rather than piping.  The waistband was small enough that it didn’t feel like I was wearing a belt or that I could fold it over for a lower rise.

The Bad

One of the first things I noticed when I put on the trunks was the long tag in the bag.  It was itchy/noticeable throughout the entire day.  Washing it seemed to make it less of a problem, but I would suggest cutting off the tag.

It wasn’t the softest underwear I’ve ever worn (even though it was 95% cotton).  It wasn’t a deal-breaker, but it was disappointing.

The fit was slightly looser than other pairs I have worn.  This was specifically true around the leg holes.  The “grip” was loose enough to not leave any marks or indents on my skin.

Other Notes

The trunks did not have a fly.  There was a Y-shaped seam in the front that was camouflaged by the print.

The length of the legs was shorter than I expected.  It felt like it was a square-cut style rather than trunks.

Product Description

95% Cotton/5% Elastane
Machine Wash
Exposed hugo boss waistband
Made in Egypt