Review: Good Devil – Ring Brief

Good Devil: Ring Brief

The Good

The Ring Brief is a very interesting take on underwear.  It is meant to be shown off in every respect.

The briefs have metallic-looking rings on each side near the hips.  I feel like this amps up the sex appeal, showing even more skin (you can see bare skin through the rings). The rings don’t add bulk to the underwear and it wasn’t noticeable under loose pants.

I feel very comfortable wearing them.  The interior is much like any other underwear and there were no itchy bands or stitching to worry about.

If there was a leather-themed party or if I went to a leather bar, these would be the staple piece of the outfit.

The Bad

There’s not a lot of room while wearing these briefs.  I did not spill out of them anywhere, but I can see it being a big issue for some people.

The cut in the back was noticeable to me.  At times it felt like I was mid-wedgie, but the Ring Brief didn’t bunch up.  The design trade-off is more skin can be shown for a little discomfort.

As with previous reviews, this underwear is NOT machine-washable.  It has no cotton and does not have the breathable feeling other underwear has.  However, this means the underwear should not shrink.

Other Notes

The description describes it as rubber, but from far away it looks like leather to me.  Even the hardware on the sides reminds me of leather.

The rise is extremely low.  So low that it gives you rear-cleavage (by design).  This means no one will see you have them on when bending over or lifting up your shirt during daily activities.

Product Description

Rubber look on the outside and a nice and smooth feel on the inside. The Ring Series is sexy and provocative with a nice added touch for underwear – a metal ring on the sides. Guarantee yourself a pat down from TSA with these. 93% Polyester 7% Spandex



*Disclosure: Underwear Station was kind enough to send me these trunks to review.