Review: adidas – Athletic Stretch Boxer Brief

adidas: Athletic Stretch Boxer Brief

Product Description:

Perfect for your active lifestyle, this is the best fitting stretch cotton Boxer Brief. This soft, light, breathable cotton is blended with spandex for ultimate comfort, movement and recovery. CLIMALITE fabric for superior moisture management. Other features include tagless, plush-soft waistband, smooth non-chafing stitching, double-lined support pouch and no ride-up leg construction. The Boxer Brief style has mid-rise styling.

The Good

The underwear is the softest underwear I have ever worn.  Some underwear have a synthetic feeling to the material, but the athletic boxer brief does not.  I would compare it to the same feeling as a very soft t-shirt fabric.

The leg length is comparable to a trunk style; I don’t feel like I am wearing another pair of shorts underneath my pants.  The same goes for the waist band height.

I like that the boxer brief is very thin.  The leg bands and waist band are very slim and would not be noticeable in skinny pants.  The leg bands also feel hemmed opposed to elastic material (the bands are still form fitting).  They hug the legs so there won’t be any gaps or wrinkles when wearing them.

There’s no tag on the back of the waistband.  That means no itching or loose ends rubbing against your back.

The Bad

The stitching is said to be non-chafing, but I’ve never had itchy stitching in previous underwear.  As a result, it feels like the underwear is inside out (threading is very obvious on the legs).

I can see the underwear getting very damp when doing athletic activities.  I like that it feels very soft, but that might be a bad thing when exercising and sweating.

Other Notes

There is no open/button fly in the underwear.  It is not a deal-breaker to me, but it is worth noting.

I wish there were more colors available.  Blue is the only color I have come across (the rest are black to white).

I incorporated adidas’ underwear into every day wear.  Although it was designed for athletic activities, I see no reason to keep it exclusive to that.